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Diversified Drilling Fluids

The SynDril family of base oils are tailored for Western Canadian producers who want to maximize drilling efficiencies while adhering to health, safety, and environmental practices. Our base oils vary in density from 792 kg/m3 – 880 kg/m3 to meet a broad range of drilling applications and environments. These products vary in physical properties that cover the needs of the industry, from distillate to synthetic based oils that will meet the most stringent criteria.


  • Not controlled under OHSA or WHMIS
  • Extremely low PNA content
  • Low aromatics and toxicity allow biodegradation at significantly higher hydrocarbon concentrations
  • Faster biodegradation of oil on cuttings
  • Higher flash point, reducing the risk of fire or explosion
  • Faster, safer rig clean-up
  • Non-irritating to skin and eyes
  • Increases lubricity and hole stability
  • Suitable for use in higher temperature applications
  • Enhances rates of penetration
  • Reduces bit balling
  • Improves BOP seal life
  • Significantly better elastomer compatibility. This has the potential of lengthening the life span of articles, which are either made of elastomers or those that incorporate elastomer component
  • Reduces corrosion (as a rust inhibitor)

SynDril Basic (875 kg/m3) – A non-regulated economically based product that will meet a vast array of industry requirements.

SynDril 810 (810 kg/m3) – A dynamically diverse synthetic product meeting stringent QA/QC standards with regards to clarity, environmental handling, and its non-toxic nature.

SynDril Lite (792 kg/m3) – A specifically formulated mineral oil that responds to meet all light weight specific gravity needs, while exceeding all of the highest grade industry product standards.

SynDril (820 kg/m3) – A mineral based product that will help maximize drilling efficiency, as well as improving health, safety, and environmental practices.