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Superior Fracturing Fluids

Tried, tested and proven.

The SF-Family of products are highly refined oil based fracturing fluids with densities varying from 780 kg/m3 to 845 kg/m3. The TG product is also a highly refined oil based fracturing fluid, but has a lower density of 740 kg/m3, which has proven to be successful for tight gas applications.  Due to the premium characteristics shared by these products, reactions with gelling chemicals are superior when compared to other fracturing fluids.  The resulting consistent gel allows for improved fracture and proppant placement and subsequently results in better flow back or load fluid recovery.


  • High flash points
  • Refinery produced and quality controlled
  • Superior viscosity and stable gels
  • Excellent breaking characteristics
  • Compatibly with resin coated proppants
  • Excellent proppant placement with low chemical loading and high shear stability
  • Optimal fluid clean-up and reservoir compatibility

Another option:  Reprocessed Fracturing Fluid (RF)

In these times of budget conscious oil and gas companies, finding solutions to save money without compromising output is always on the minds of management.  The idea of reusing fracturing fluid flowback has gained popularity over the years.  However, care must be taken to properly recycle these fluids to allow for multiple reuses without major destabilization of the fracturing sytem.

RF is Synoil’s superior quality controlled reprocessed fracturing fluid.  Hydrocarbon flowback within specific parameters are treated using proprietary and patented technology.  Free water, solids and the majority of the fracturing chemicals are removed resulting in a safe, high quality, industry proven recycled fracturing fluid.

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